Capt. Wayne Canning lives on his Irwin 40 VAYU, in Wilmington NC. Wayne grew up on Long Island sound and began messing with boats at an early age. An avid sailor and cruiser with thousands of miles under his keel, Wayne has worked in the marine industry as a designer and engineer as well as having had years of hands on experience building and repairing yachts of all types. A marine professional for more than 35 years he is now a self employed Marine Surveyor, delivery skipper, and freelance boating writer as well as being a consultant/project manager for major repairs and restorations. Capt. Wayne also runs web sites for other marine professionals, and those restoring project boats. Visit or for more information.

Bob Bitchin – Voyage Planning

Jody Bitchin – Provisioning

Darren O’Brien – Video Production

Tania Aebi – Sailing with Children

Steve Bowden – Communications at Sea

Steve Hall – Internet

Lee Chesneau – Weather

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Denny Emory – Medical

Steve Pavlidis – Cruising The Caribbean

Laurie Pane – Extended Cruising

Kim Hess – Yoga and health

Holly Scott – Women sailing

Sue Morgan – 35 year live-aboard

Jeff amp; Marie – Large Catamarans

Capt. Jim Cash

Capt. Jim Cash

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